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Our Reiki Courses

Discover, understand, and enhance your healing potential with Nourished Energy’s Reiki courses. Each lesson is an opportunity to co-create a much deeper connection with your true and authentic self. Learn to heal yourself and loved ones through the life-changing gift of Reiki.

My First Crystal Healing

Lola Berry – Aussie nutritionist, author and yoga teacher, created this vlog after she visited Nourished Energy. Take a look at her first experience with energy healing.


Events and Products

Nourished Energy has beautiful products and events for everyone – no matter where they may be on their healing journey. Our events are designed so you can join healers, practitioners, and those of like mind.

We know that you want to harness your natural healing abilities to the fullest. Our store includes items that we have carefully and lovingly selected for you.
Browse our selection below, whether you are interested in joining a private event or buying products – or both.

Up and coming event

Up and Coming Events

We invite you to take part in a Nourished Energy event. It’s a chance of a lifetime! Our events can be anything from meaningful workshops to in-depth courses to private coaching. Whichever type of gathering you prefer, we always have something for you. All events are created to provide a time for nourishment and sharing the gift of healing. And of course, it will be a fun day full of eye-opening learning experiences and the chance to share Reiki with one another.

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Online Store

Here at Nourished Energy, one of our missions is to spread the power of love and healing. Reiki has changed the lives of many people, which is why we want it to be even more accessible to everyone. Our store features guides and courses for business alignment, using crystals, and Chakra cards. And here’s a massive bonus: each product has received Reiki energy and sound energy healing. We will add more healing items in the future to help increase your knowledge and understanding while also enjoying the whole process.

Our Crystal Healing Courses

Nourished Energy

Crystal Healing Practitioner Course

A session with Nourished Energy’s Loretta Carraro is the crystal healing course you need to grasp the power of crystals, which have been around since ancient times. The one-day course will allow you to open your eyes to the wonders of energetic healing, crystal use and selection, and the Chakra system.

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Nourished Energy

Introduction to Crystals (Online Course)

Start your Reiki crystal learning right with our comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide. Learn everything you need to know about crystals, including their physical properties, history, and how to take advantage of their natural gifts.

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Crystal Gridding (Online Course)

Creating crystal grids that work takes practice and proper guidance. The Crystal Gridding course is for anyone with basic crystal knowledge and is ready to start tuning into the crystals’ energy. There is plenty to discover from choosing the right designs based on your intention to determining which crystals work best together.

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With the right tools and support, we can work together to uncover something magnificent…YOU!

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