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We’re here to live out our highest expression. It’s your time, beautiful. It’s time to claim your calling.

Nourished Energy is a community of empowered lightworkers created by Loretta Carraro – International Master Healer and Soul Coach.

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A lightworker is anyone who dreams of living a life that is led by light, love and magic.

Committed to being a light in their own community, knowing that as they heal and evolve, so too does the collective.

Nourished Energy empowers lightworkers to be masterful practitioners for themselves and for others. Whether you’re on a journey to heal yourself or others, you’re in the right place.

It is a community for the dreamers, the changemakers and the one who desires something more – a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Where you’re in flow, connected, abundant. A life where love and magic leads the way.

You know you’re here to do more than just exist; you are here to be magnificent – to live your dreams and be your best self!

Now that you’re here...

I hope you’ll stick around – check out the blog posts or find out more about learning Reiki or Crystal HealingHolistic Soul Coaching for your business, and events.

Loretta Empowering her clients
You know that being your best is not a luxury, it is a necessity – it is about understanding your self-worth and living intentionally.

 It gives you the capacity to transform your life and to be there for the people you love.

Nourished Energy is a leading training provider and support hub for Reiki, crystal healing and soul coaching. A sacred space that offers the complete foundation for lightworkers to step into a fully supported, thriving and masterful career supporting others or on the journey of self-mastery.

With a range of courses and programs and resources, Nourished Energy is unlike any other. WIth almost 400 Reiki, Crystal Healing and Soul Coaching students, the community offers valuable support for practitioners and on your own healing journey.

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