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The Crystalline Body

Connect with your body and soul like never before. Unlock your inner codes to becoming crystalline.

You know your potential is infinite but you feel stuck in your ability to full embody it. You’ve done the work to connect you with your higher self, but still struggle to let go of old habits that feed the story of your unworthiness. You’ve felt unconditional love from a higher source of truth. And yet, there are many days where you still check the mirror to determine your value in this world…

It's time to fully embody the truth of who you are, on all levels - soul, mind and body.

Your soul has chosen to be incarnated now; to be a part of this extraordinary time in human history. An opportunity to move into a new timeline – away from the density of scarcity, fear and negativity. As a collective, we are being supported to move into a space of love, freedom and unity. Where we feel safe to be and live the most joyous and abundant life possible. 

Since learning Reiki, no doubt you feel like you have done so much work on unbecoming, to unravel the truth of who you are. And these limiting behaviours – the body checking, comparing yourself to others, using food to soothe and cope life’s triggers and the emotions it brings, and using your body to determine your worth.

These are old patterns, misaligned with who you are, and most likely not even yours to begin with. The beliefs that birthed these behaviours belong to a previous timeline and its density.

Ancestrally and culturally, the relationship with food and our bodies has been misunderstood. 

For many, it holds a frequency of fear and suffering. It causes anxiety, guilt and shame.

This causes us to disconnect from our physical body, to disconnect from the emotion and wisdom that it holds. You know you are love. You know that the Universe works through you. You are here as an expression of love. Your body is the vessel that holds your spirit while you are here. Sharing your light with the collective. It was created from love and how you look is part of your experience.

To grow and evolve, our bodies require more light. Put simply, they need our love and acceptance. They need us to reconnect and listen. To work with them as a team. When we do the work holistically – encompassing the whole of who we are – we get to truly free ourselves from the weight of the burdens and emotions that we carry. By letting go of the old patterns, we move into a lighter space. A crystalline space.


Shifting into a more crystalline body enables us to be more aligned with this new paradigm of unconditional love. To ascend to a higher frequency and access our deeper wisdom. To cocreate a new earth.  

The Crystalline Body

Join me for this 12 week experience for healing, deepening and expanding your relationship with your higher self, your emotions, your body and your food.

This program brings together my personal experience and 20 years of extensive research into emotional eating, along with and my wellness coaching and healing expertise.

This program is for you if you feel ready to fully step into your power and let go of the old patterns of behaviour with food and eating that hold you back from falling in love with you and your life.

If you feel the pull to stop emotional eating and desire sustainable results, then I want to help you to navigate that path. The Crystalline Body is unlike any other body image and eating program. A healing program to shift your relationship with yourself, your body and your food into a space of unconditional love and acceptance. I created this program because it’s everything I wish I had. 

It is not a diet or a weight loss program, but it will help you lose the conditioning that brought you here. This is an opportunity for you to feel empowered. To move into a space where food and your body is trusted, loved and appreciated deeply. 

An emotional eating and body image program like no other...​

Using energy healing to underpin the 12 weeks together. A tender 3 month experience to dive deep into a vortex of unconditional support, acceptance and compassion. TO shift your daily habits into a space where they match your higher self and her desires. To let go of the fixation with how you look and what you consume. To create more space for living, for more joy and pleasure!

The Crystalline Body is underpinned by three pillars:

Pillar 1

Self Awareness:

Cultivating a deeper understanding about who you are and why you do what you do and what you can do instead.
Pillar 2

Reconnecting to your light:

Regularly connecting in and being guided by your higher self as well as your body’s innate wisdom.
Pillar 3

Anchoring in a new reality:

Working through practical strategies and providing structures that are uniquely suited to you for sustainable results.

What to expect during the 12 weeks:

During this course you will learn to build the foundation for your successful, sustainable and soul centred business. This course covers the fundamentals of building a thriving business for healer. The course covers everything to help you build your business from scratch:

Please note, you must have completed at least Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) training as a prerequisite for this program.

This program is not designed for people who have a primary diagnosis of an eating disorder, a concurrent mental health or physical health diagnosis. If you are unsure if it is right for you, please get in touch.

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