About Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is unconditional love. That may sound quite simple and that’s because it is. Everyone has the natural ability to give and receive love. Learning Reiki allows us to tap into that innate, natural ability and connect with it. Ultimately, Reiki is not something we do, but rather, it is who we are

Reiki is traditionally understood as a hands-on healing practice originating from Japan in the early 20th Century. Reiki comes from two Japanese words: “rei” meaning mystery or spirit and “ki” meaning life force energy. On a very basic level, Reiki is unconditional love. That may sound quite simple, and that is because it certainly is. Everyone has that natural ability to love, and Reiki allows us to tap into that special ability and connect with it.

About reiki

Lifeforce energy is the universal wisdom that is referred to by scientists as energy or information. When we speak of life force energy, it can be anything. People have a unique way of feeling and viewing this energy. For some, it could be Creation or Source, and for you, it could be as plain as “energy” itself. It could also be Divine, Spirit, Love, or Prana. It’s not affiliated with any religion, however, because Reiki is entirely secular.

But when someone asks you, “What exactly is Reiki?” you may likely struggle to answer this question. It is because Reiki is experiential. One should experience what Reiki is to know what it truly is. As a Reiki Master, I simply give you the tools to lay your foundation on. From there, you can turn Reiki into something that works for you, whether it is for healing yourself or loved ones or as a profession, for example.

To learn Reiki you don’t have to have a desire to be a practitioner or even heal others, but Reiki is incredible just as a self-healing tool.


Reiki is a hands-on practice that has been around for over a hundred years. But its history begins with Mikao Usui, a Japanese healer from the 1800s. Before he discovered Reiki, Dr Usui was on a quest to find more about healing. As part of his quest, he went up to a mountain, fasted, and meditated for 21 days. At the end of his journey, he received the initial ‘Attunement’. This ‘attunement’ is what makes Reiki different from traditional hands-on healing. They are passed on from the Teacher to the student.

Studies show that practitioners of Reiki are able to help recipients shift brain frequency into a relaxing state much quicker. It’s at this state we heal.

About reiki

Pure Divine Energy

Reiki is within all of us. It is not something we do but rather, it is who we are. We are Reiki. Pure Divine energy, Unconditional Love and Light. Consciousness. We learn Reiki to switch on the light that is already within us.

Why Should I Learn Reiki and How Can I Learn It?

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Levels of Reiki Education

What is an Attunement?

When Dr Usui had an Attunement, he felt cosmic or Divine energy entering the top of his head. He believed it gave him the ability to heal and become the first Reiki Master. This is what happens with Reiki students who have the Initial Attunement or Initial Initiation into Reiki. Students experience an attunement at each level of their Reiki training.

About reiki

Dr Mikao Usui met a man who had a sore leg when he went down the mountain. Using his healing abilities, Dr Usui placed his hand on the man and then he could walk again.

Dr. Usui decided to teach other people about Reiki. Now, over four million people around the world have learnt this healing technique.

An Attunement is once again difficult to explain. It is experiential. Every student experiences it at every course level. An Attunement is a sacred ritual that Masters pass on to their students with utmost respect and honour. Its purpose is to raise the level of consciousness of the student to access the next level of healing abilities and also raise their awareness. It’s not uncommon for students to feel the effects of an Attunement, similar to healing.