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Reiki Master and Teacher Group Training Program 2024 – registration deposit


Reiki Master and Teacher training for Reiki practitioners who are ready to step into the path of self mastery in this truly transformational group program 2024.


“Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods.” Mikao Usui

Your opportunity to open your heart, embody the truth of who you are and move into a more illuminated, graceful and loving space. Love and Magic – Reiki Master and Teacher training is your portal to cross into this nourishing space.

Using Reiki to underpin your transformation, throughout Love and Magic you’ll cultivate a new level of self awareness and compassion.

As an ascending soul, you’re always open to accessing the depths of unconditional love. Love heals. Love gives us strength. Love provides the safety and the nourishment to expand and reach our fullest potential. Love is abundant. It is the unexpected and the magic.

During this truly uniquely transformative process you will explore aspects of who you truly are. Each session is divinely guided, meeting you exactly where you are at. Love and Magic is not a program that requires a commitment to hours of work. It’s a commitment to you and your healing process. It is the ultimate journey of self-care and honouring the Self as the gift you truly are.

Students are called to complete their Mastership training with me at a certain time in their life. Not always understanding why it’s the right time. But truth is unravelled and revealed along the way. Whatever you are encountering at the time in your life, you will be held exactly as you need to be and be given exactly what you need to receive at that very specific moment.

What you will graduate with:

  • Attunement to the Final Reiki levels
  • How to Teach and Attune Others from Level 1 to 3
  • Initiated to use a further sacred 17 symbols and a deeper understanding and connection of symbols
  • Advanced tools and techniques to get better results in each treatment for yourself and/or clients
  • How to recognise and manage the ego
  • Processes for managing your triggers and bringing greater calm and inner peace
  • Ability to work with and integrate your shadow and inner child
  • The foundations for a thriving purposeful business
  • Exclusive access to the loving, supportive and empowering Nourished Energy Community of students.
  • Reiki Mastership and Teacher certification
  • Advanced modality and trainings
  • Access to training materials, ongoing support, training and opportunities for further practice.

Is the Group Program for you?

As an evolving and conscious being, the changes that life throws and the changes you experience through your own internal growth are welcome. You have a deep knowing and acceptance that all is as it needs to be. It’s part of the journey to your return….

But it doesn’t necessarily make them any easier.

Are you craving a desire to have those around you who are also on this trajectory of growth? A desire for conscious connection and conscious community? Not just a fleeting “how are you?”, but an understanding, an embrace, a cocoon of unconditional acceptance, compassion and love.

A space to be yourself. To show up without the mask. A space to feel all the feels. To grow, to laugh, to be held, to be seen. To be. A sanctuary. A sacred sanctuary.

This is it. The opportunity to be held as you hold others.

The depth and connection you desire. To yourself, to a sisterhood, to consciousness.

This is your sanctuary. A sacred space for multidimensional healing and multifaceted growth.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join the Group program of Love + Magic. I invite you to experience a program like no other. Together, we are cultivating a new paradigm – a new way to heal. Because you don’t have to do this alone. We are stronger when we travel through the darkness and step into the light together.

Here’s the program breakdown

Duration: 20 x 90 minute group live sessions spaced over 6 months for time for integration and processing (a combination of healing, coaching, mentoring and training. The first session is intention setting/deep-dive and the additional 17 sessions will include a soul activation). Each session is recorded for the group if you are unable to attend.

Prerequisites: Level 3A (from any lineage/teacher)

Delivery: Online only (optional in person meetups and final ceremony) Wednesday evenings 6-7.30pm (AEST/AEDT) beginning May 22nd, 2024.

Your Investment: $2888 (or $500 monthly payment plan option available)

Are you feeling called to help raise the collective consciousness and help humanity transition from a culture of fear to a love-based community?

Register now to join the program and secure your spot. 

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