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Crystal healing to balance both masculine and feminine energy

When we think about healing, whether it be self-healing or holding space for another person, it’s important to remember that we need to come from a place where we’re balanced and have both divine feminine and divine masculine energies. We all have aspects of both energies within us and both have a place in everything we do in life, including healing. And yes, even when we have too much or too little of the other… 

So how do they allow us to achieve balance? And what crystals can we use to help us?

First, let’s have a look at the traits of each energy.

When we talk about the divine masculine, we’re talking about moving forward, taking action, power, planning, strength, structure and confidence.

And when we talk about the divine feminine we’re talking about the opposite (though it is similar), where we can allow ourselves to find that strength in vulnerability, in nurturing, in nourishing and chaotic ‘go with the flow’ energy.

Giving ourselves space to ‘go with the flow’ allows us to welcome things of change and to welcome feeling, as well as space for more trust and surrender. These allow us to connect to our emotional self and allow those feelings to flow along our healing journey.

The other side to this is the divine masculine giving us a container of strength, certainty and safety, which enables the divine feminine – if we don’t feel safe or that sense of certainty, it’s going to be really hard for us to allow ourselves to feel. We’re going to find ourselves stuck in survival mode or fight or flight mode because we feel threatened. Having balance with the divine masculine allows the divine feminine to get in touch with that part of us that desires freedom, joy, flow and pleasure.

The divine masculine also desires some of those things, but it also wants to know there is a means to an end. It needs purpose, structure and allows us to then find strength in it too. In times when we feel like we’re in a funk, lacking confidence, unmotivated or feel stuck and unable to move forward, calling on the divine masculine can actually serve to help us.

It’s important we have both energies, and that we access one or the other when we need it. By dancing between the two, and allowing both energies to come through for us, it means we have the freedom to choose and feel safe enough to have them serve us the way they are meant to.

How do crystals help balance masculine and feminine divine energy?

During healing sessions or practices, crystals are a 

Smoky Quartz

Helps dispel negativity and can protect you from negative energy (any kind of energy that doesn’t serve you or help you on your journey).

When we think about the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies, both of these have a negative aspect (although this is actually our perspective of negativity, not negativity itself!). We refer to these aspects as toxic or shadows, and this can show up when we’re too much in one or the other energy which is why it’s so important to balance them out. 

Smoky Quartz can help us avoid that toxic energy and keep it at bay, and it can help us to be aware of it when it does show up.

If you’re playing around with the different energies, please involve a Smoky Quartz in your practices and connect with the energy of it. Ask it to help you on your journey, to ensure you are staying in the most positive energy, whether it be masculine or feminine. It’s absolutely one of my favourite crystals.


Helps to give perspective to situations and to gain a higher perspective.

When we are able to gain a higher perspective, it helps us get out of that feeling of being in the middle of whatever we’re facing or going through. That higher perspective allows us to see the truth of what is actually happening and it helps us to find the courage to see things without judgement.

When we are working within a situation, using Amazonite can help us to maintain balance between the two energies instead of being too far in one or the other. It maintains a balanced perspective. 


Contains properties of both Amethyst and Citrine. Brings balance to energies and is a beautiful example of the masculine and the feminine coming together.

Amethyst is quite a feminine stone and Citrine is typically quite a masculine stone, so it’s great to use when you’re looking for that balance and wanting to harness both the chaos and strength and the healing and nurturing.

Ametrine can be used to help us shift out of being too far in our masculine or feminine and bring us back to a more balanced state, making the most of the gifts that both energies provide.

All three of these crystals are fantastic for balancing the masculine and feminine energies, which is so important for our healing journey.

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