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How Reiki Can Attract Abundance

Reiki is Universal Life Force energy, Source energy. In other words, it is the energy from which all is created. There is no limit when it comes to Reiki – an infinite resource that in fact expands the more that we use it! There is never any limitation to how much is available to us. A powerful healing tool, Reiki melts away blocks that are stopping us from opening up to a higher consciousness. Giving us greater access to all that is available to us – a wonderful reminder that abundance is always available to us and it is only limited by ourselves. 

Take a walk outside and look around you. Notice all the things you see that are created from Mother Nature. Can you count them all? The number of leaves, the number of petals, the number of birds and other living creatures, the number of grains of dirt… Nope! There are too many aren’t there? That’s because abundance is Nature’s Divine right.

Abundance is our birthright and there is no limit on the amount of abundance you are able to receive in your lifetime. The more we deepen our connection and practice Reiki, the more we deepen our connection to it. This is the same as abundance. The more we tap into this unlimited energy, the more we are able to receive. 

When you accept abundance as the simple flow of Universal Life Force Energy that is, you open yourself to infinite possibility. In fact on our spiritual path, the one that leads us to Samadhi or ‘enlightenment’, the lesson is to transcend our attachment for all that we desire. On the path, many spiritual teachers have had access to everything they desired (Buddha was a prince, and even Dr. Usui who formalised Reiki, was born into quite a wealthy family, had access to education and travelled the world).

It’s not about having it all. It’s about fundamentally knowing that if you need it or want it, you have access to it. That you are worthy of it. Wealth and abundance are everywhere. Sometimes to achieve what we need to, we need access to abundance. The secret is believing you’re worthy of the experience. 

Our collective unconscious; our culture and society is focussed on lack, scarcity and limitation. So naturally, it’s easy for us to also adopt this mindset. How often do you find yourself thinking the following: 

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money 
  • I’m too old, I’m too young 
  • I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, fat enough, fit enough
  • I don’t have the right car
  • There aren’t enough of the type of person I want to date 
  • There’s not enough people to buy my offerings
  • There aren’t enough jobs 
  • There’s no room for me, and so on.

Ultimately, you’re trapped in thinking that there isn’t enough and you’re not enough.    

These are examples of belief patterns you have created in your life. They are what separates you from being able to experience all of the abundance you desire. Reiki can support you by helping to let go of these limiting beliefs. It is not until we have the awareness of what is holding us back that we can take responsibility for them, creating new beliefs and patterns. 

When we are free from the limitations we place on ourselves, we can manifest the abundance we not only deserve, but is also our divine right. Just as access to Reiki is our divine right. 

Activity to access abundance using Reiki

If you have been attuned to use Reiki (even at Level 1), you can try this activity. You’re going to unearth the beliefs that hold you back and expose them to the light. An essential step to letting go. 

Begin your practice with your palms open to access all that is available to you. Imagine yourself sitting or laying in an open lotus with thousands and thousands of petals – too many for you to ever count.

When you feel ready affirm that: 

“I am open to all that naturally is available to me. As my awareness expands so does my access to all that is available to me.”

As you say these words, notice where you feel any resistance in your body. Place your hands there where they are needed and focus the Reiki energy on the spot/s and affirm three times (or more if you need it). Allow the energy of unconditional love to fill these areas up and dissolve the resistance. 

Notice any thoughts that are also coming up along with the resistance and affirm: 

“Resistance is just an expression of past attachments and expectation. I allow myself to feel it fully and let it go.” 

Keep repeating these words until you feel your session is complete. 

When you are ready, take a pen and paper and write the following (try to do it as you are still in your bliss/Reiki state): 

“I accept all my heartfelt desires to be Source energy working through me and guiding me toward my truth, my soul path. I have permission to let go and allow Universal Life Force to work through me. I am not attached to the methods of how to attain my desires. I surrender to simply trusting and accepting that abundance is my divine birthright and my ideal state. I lovingly accept all that is available to me. I am a vibrational match for all that is available to me.” 

Leave this somewhere for as long as you need to, somewhere you will see it often and keep coming back to it and reminding yourself to match the vibration of all that is awaiting you. It is the perfect little note to add to an altar or a vision board – a sacred space to manifest abundance. 

If you’re attuned to Level 2 and above, use symbol #1 and #2 during your practice, you can even draw them on your piece of paper.

If you’re wanting to know more about how Reiki can transform your life and shift your limiting beliefs, get in touch. This post was also part of the Nourished Energy 21 Day Reiki Challenge.

Love and light,

Loretta xo

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