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7 Strategies to make more time for Reiki self practice

One of the most common reasons people stop practicing Reiki is time. They have so much motivation and feel so great after their training, but then after days and weeks and even years go by, it’s so easy to lose the habit of regular practice. Although we never “lose” Reiki, it is easy then to feel like we are disconnected from our practice, taking a longer time to get back into it. Practicing Reiki is like any other skill you learn, or like building muscle. Put simply, the more you practice, the deeper your connection (and quicker it can be to connect).

Benefits of a regular self practice include: 

  • Feeling more centred and grounded
  • Having more clarity and focus 
  • Manages stress and anxiety 
  • Feel much more calm and relaxed
  • Better sleep quality
  • Opens your heart to higher frequencies such as love, gratitude and joy
  • Helps to ease pain and discomfort (both physically and emotionally)
  • Strengthens your intuition
  • Have greater self awareness 
  • Ability to manage and protect your own energy 

And much more…

But even though we know all the benefits, we may not have the 40 minutes each day to do a full self practice. So, what else can we do? Of course, doing a full practice is so beneficial, but even the smallest amount of Reiki is still great! Here are my top 7 ways to create more opportunities in your day for adding Reiki and repairing the benefits. 

1. Before bed

As you lay down to sleep, place your hands where you’re intuitively drawn to and practice Reiki as you go to sleep. Add a mantra or affirmation to repeat. Before we fall asleep is a powerful time to shape our subconscious thoughts.

2. Morning Drink

Whether the first thing you drink is a glass of water, coffee, tea or something else, start adding a few moments of Reiki to your morning habit. Add a Reiki precept with your practice, such as “Just for today, may I have the strength to let go of worry.

3. Reiki breaks 

Place a reminder in your calendar for regular breaks in your day. Simply take a couple of deep breaths with a mini Reiki check-in to ask yourself “How do I feel? Is my body tight? Am I relaxed or emotionally charged? What do I need?”

4. Reiki Support 

Reiki is always there and easily accessible for you to help you manage and shift your state. When you feel like you need support. – you’re worried, anxious, feel sad, angry or alone, try just a few moments connecting to unconditional love.

5. Gratitude + Joy 

Remember Reiki on those most sacred life moments when you experience joy and gratitude. Laughing with a great friend, finding your lost earring, seeing the most beautiful flower in your garden. Reiki helps us savour these most precious moments and attract more of them.

6. Fingers crossed

What about when you submit something, go for a job interview, on a first date, buying a home, being vulnerable or asking for your needs to be met. Send Reiki to the situation and also to yourself during these exciting/courageous times!

7. Self Care 

Next time you’re at the hairdresser getting your hair washed, laying in the dentist chair, having a massage, pedicure or facial. When you’re in an Uber or laying in Savasana. No matter where it is and what time of the day, remember your gift of Reiki is the most amazing complement.

And if you feel like it’s not about time, but you’re actually resisting a self practcie for some reason and can’t work out why, then that is an incredible opportunity for you to explore that part of you. Some journal prompts to help you to begin with might be: 

  • What part of me doesn’t want this?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What am I rejecting?

You could even Reiki your journal prompts and ask for guidance. 

And if it feels difficult to place your hands on your own body, you can even try and use Chakra cards or a crystal with the intention of doing self Reik. This isn’t a time for judgment or self criticism. Just know that it’s okay and normal for you to feel resistance sometimes. But just showing up is great progress!
If you’d like more tips to support you on your Reiki journey, check out my Podcast for practitioners, healers and those on their healing journey on Apple iTunes.

All my love

Loretta x

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