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4 steps to connect to Reiki symbols

Symbols are sacred tools that are gifted to us throughout the Reiki journey to help us along our way and also to help us with facilitating Reiki on others. So many Reiki students find it difficult to connect and use symbols when they’re starting out and like anything… the more we practice, the deeper our connection and ability to work with them.

Like crystals, they’re living things and there to work with us and connect with us to help create more impactful and effective sessions.

Below is a simple 4 step favourite practice of mine. It’s how I teach my students to connect with symbols. The key is rather than focusing on the meanings, shift the focus to simply connecting.

Like a crystal, when we learn to truly connect with a symbol, it can help guide us and show us how to use it!

This simple 4-step practice is a beautiful self-practice and also a personal favourite self-practice! After the practice, I will often journal any guidance or lay down and continue to do a self-practice.

And try adding a crystal to this practice too and drawing the symbol on the crystal, to infuse it with the energy. 

Simple 4 step practice to connect to Reiki symbols: 

  1. Choose a symbol to work with. Connect with Reiki as you normally would. Allowing yourself the time and space to connect to Universal Life Force energy, the high vibrations of unconditional love and light.
  2. When you feel connected to Reiki energy, place your palm out over the Reiki symbol in front of you and begin connecting to the symbol, just as you would with a recipient.
  3. Once you feel connected to the symbol, then if it feels good for you, ask the symbol to also connect to you through Reiki. Allow the symbol to give you Reiki, be open to receiving it from the symbol.
  4. Stay connected to the symbol. Notice what is coming up for you. Any feelings, sensations, visions or messages. Be open to connecting with the symbol, rather than worrying about the learnt meaning.

Most of all, enjoy your practice! Let me know how you go. 

All my love

Loretta xo

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